Citrix GoToTraining online training software enables your organisation to provide live, interactive instruction to employees, customers and students anywhere, anytime.

With GoToTraining, you can train up to 200 people at once online. There’s no need to travel or set up a venue, so you pay less. Built-in VoIP and freephone audio options also add to the cost savings. Plus, you can record your sessions for those who miss the live training or simply want to review.

It’s simple to set up course catalogues for promoting your classes. Keep your administrative workload light by following up with automated invites and registration. And then when it’s time to train, you can easily measure learning through built-in testing and polling.

And there are also a full range of tools that make the virtual classroom extra engaging and interactive. Show videos and share up to 6 attendee webcams. Invite subject matter experts to teach with you. Chat, draw and highlight on the content you present. Use breakout rooms to encourage group learning. And the list goes on.