The Pan European HR Network has grown from an online research community and CHRO Roundtables and quickly become the largest and most exclusive Corporate HR Network in Europe. Working together with the leading disrupters and influencers, our research and events bring you the best corporate and educational patterns and predictors that generate valuable insight into the world of work.

The Pan European HR Network stands out for its uniquely neutral and 21st Century approach to providing a platform for everyone in the industry to learn, network and share. We help create social networks, face to face networking and ground breaking research on the future of work. The network is also fun. We have managed to collect a few characters along the way who are highly gifted yet remain very down to earth and approachable; a rarity in today’s fast paced business world!

Each year we seek out the best corporate and educational intel in a world where innovation and value drive disruption in the HR Marketplace. We burn the midnight candle to find the best speakers. We research like crazy. We look at companies and what they do best. We discover where innovation lies. We stay up to date with the leading blogs, thinkers and commentators. We source the best from social media channels across Europe and beyond. We talk to, and listen to our members, influencers and you!