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Bullying in the Workplace – workshop outline


TrainingZONE and HR Zone Online Workshop
Tuesday 27 March 2001, 13:00 BST

Workplace bullying continues to be a high-profile issue in the world of HR and Training, with headlines each week reporting on the breadth of the problem and high compensatory payouts.

Within the on-line workshop we hope to cover:

How to recognise bullying at work

  • For those concerned that they may be the target of a bully: what to look for in others and themselves, how to de-escalate tensions and how to equip themselves to continue positively at work.
  • For those with the power to prevent bullying: differentiating between bullying and management; developing a healthy workplace
  • Discussion of effective systems to prevent future occurrences, which could include: dealing with bullying before and after it happens; suggestions for formulating policies; examples of current systems of ‘supporter networks’.

All TrainingZONE and HR Zone workshops are free to participate in. Just go to at the time and date specified above.

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