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Caption competition: And the winner is…


This photo of a women taking remote working a bit too far certainly encouraged the comics amongst you – we were inundated with funny entries to the caption competition this month and it was really hard deciding on the most amusing one!

But there could only be one winner, so congratulations to Lorraine Whale, who wins a box of Thorntons Milk Classics chocolates!

Lorraine’s winning entry was:

Mary hadn’t quite got to grips with ‘Duvet Days’

Photo credit: Nils Jorgensen/Rex Features

A few of our other favourites were:

Sarah took the annual ‘dress down at work day’ a little too literally!

Let’s check today’s to-do list. Number one – get dressed. Oh, dear.

Hewlett Packard laptop…£696. Wireless internet connection…£100. Being so tired you go to work in your hand-me-down floral pyjamas.. Priceless!

15 Responses

  1. Caption Competition
    Bus Money – Check, Handbag – Check, Laptop -Check, then why do i feel as if i have forgotten something?

  2. Wait a minute!
    “Pick Your Fantasy Tonight” Escort Agency satisfaction survey: Phone man 4/10, scarf man 2/10, hat man 7/10 but Spotty Tie Man! phoarrrrrr 10/10!!!

  3. naughty nightmare
    Jane’s recent nervous nightmares had taken a turn for the better at least this time she had clothes on, unfortunately they were lilac pyjamas and she still had that pesky company presentation to prepare for.

  4. Caption Competition
    The newly introduced flexible working hours left some employees rather confused.

  5. Note to self
    Note to self – Remember to pick up suit from dry cleaners on way to work….

  6. Caption Competition Entry
    Let’s check today’s to-do list. Number one – get dressed. Oh, dear.

  7. Caption Competition
    The introduction of “duvet days” seems to have gone terribly wrong!

  8. Caption Competition
    My husband got arrested like this for using his dongle

  9. Caption Competition
    Petra always took her nightshift coaching too seriously.

  10. Caption Competition
    Her mind in a whirl, Pamela was relieved to find that she could renew her Working Time Regulations opt-out by E mail.

  11. The Pyjama Game!
    Natalie felt really pleased with herself as she thought she had moved to the front of the bathroom queue and was e-mailing her friend…until the bus arrived.

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