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Caption competition: And the winner is


January is traditionally the month when we all decide to get a bit more fit and healthy, following the over-indulgent festive break. Therefore, the theme for this month’s competition was all about getting active.

There were some seriously funny entries this month, but there was one in particular that really made us chuckle here at, so that had to be our winner – well done to Neil Molyneux! His winning entry was:

Superglue prank goes wrong

Neil can choose from either a bottle of Argentinian red (Masi Passo Doble 2003) or a New Zealand white (Oyster Bay Sauvignon 2007).

A few of our other favourites were:

Park skittles was always popular with the lads in summer

After the 57th stomach crunch, the HR department started to regret employing the ‘tasty’ personal trainer

The synchronised swimmers were back in action even if the local pool was closed for annual maintenance

Photo credit: Nick Cunard/Rex Features

13 Responses

  1. Caption Competition
    Now class in the event of cardiac arrest this is the recovery position….Legs bent, left arm out for support followed with a twist.

  2. Caption competition: Let’s get physical
    The credit crunch is now reducing people to excercise outside as Gym fee’s are to expensive,Pull up a towel!

  3. Caption Competition
    Jean was in training for the Marathon – another two hundred sit-ups and she’d have burnt off enough fat to allow herself a bar of Snickers

  4. Caption
    Unfortunately, the girls in the typing pool were in for a shock, as it wasn’t THE Brad Pitt taking over as tea-boy

  5. Caption Competition
    After all that festive eating, we’ve been banned from St. James’ Park, as the Queen thought we were a twenty-one gun salute

  6. Salutations!
    Despite weeks of intensive training and practice, the left-handed salute did nothing to endear the new women’s heavy infantry platoon to the sergeant-major!

  7. Caption Competition
    Well, we girls have got to do something while we wait for the burger van

  8. Competition
    Can’t afford to renew your gym membership? The credit crunch need not prevent the stomach crunch!

  9. caption competition
    Janice was the winner, only she had realised that Sarah had not said “Simon says…”

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Rebecca Midgley

Assistant Content Manager

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