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Car number plate ‘1 HR’ revs up for five-figure offer


HR car enthusiasts are in for a treat as unique car registration plate ‘1 HR’ goes up for grabs.

In the latest league table of personal number plates by ‘1 HR’ is listed with a value tag of £68,995.

An asking price that is even higher than the average public sector HR director salary which according to professional body the CIPD and Croner now stands at £60,019 per year.

HR, however, isn’t the only profession to be incorporated in a car registration plate. have compiled their top 20 occupation-related number plates as follows:

  • Information Technology: IT 1 £100,000 +
  • Doctor: DOC 7OR £69,995
  • Buyer: BUY 1T £69,945
  • Human Resources: 1 HR £68,995
  • Pet Shop: PET 2 £34,495
  • Lawyer/Police: LAW 999 £22,995
  • Musician: SON 6S £17,995
  • Brewery: 8 REW £14,995
  • Civil Service: PEN 510N £14,995
  • Dentist: TEE 7H £14,395
  • Taxi Driver: TAX 15 £12,595
  • Bookmaker: W4 GER £11,995
  • Artist: 4 ART £11,995
  • Fisherman: F1 SHR £10,435
  • Advertising: ADS 4 £9,995
  • Public Relations: 911 PR £9,595
  • Seller: X5 ELL £8,995
  • Baker: B4 KES £8,755
  • Landscape Gardener: 6 ROW £4,495
  • Finance/Accountant: C4 SHH £1,945 marketing manager Markerle Davis commented:

“Generally, the fewer the letters the more valuable the registration. However the value of each plate to the customer ultimately depends on the individual – which means there are always bargains to be had.

One Response

  1. 1 HR…at least it’s not HR 1
    I suppose we should be grateful that the 1 comes before the HR given the implications of the redundancy notification form of the other way round!

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