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Coffee break: Credibility, Lego offices, and why we’re all responsible for a bad culture


It's time for another round up of HR news & opinion for you to enjoy over your coffee break or mid afternoon slump.

We've been sifting through our favourite articles this week, and here are the ones we've selected for your perusal. Enjoy!


The destructive brotherhood (Tim Sackett)

When culture goes bad (HR Gem)

Lego unveils office built with their famous blocks (HR Grapevine)

A simple analogy to explain why companies succeed (Business Insider UK)


Recruitment agency opportunities and threats (Mervyn Dinnen)

How to encourage employee advocacy on social media (Drum Up)

Is an algorithm any less racist? (The Guardian)


– Millennials don’t want fun; they want you to lead better (Mark Crowley, LinkedIn)

Putting credibility first (Strategy + Business)

– Dear Executives: An intellectual understanding of innovation is not enough… (Brandon Bichler, LinkedIn)


Should people over 40 work a three-day week (The Guardian)

Meetings where everyone shares what they're working on (Feverbee)

How to make your one-on-ones with employees more productive (HBR)

Does the Gig Economy have an HR department? (Talent Culture)

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Shonette Laffy

Deputy Editor

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