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Coffee Break: SMART goals, whistleblowers and employee turnover


Here it is, your weekly round up of the best HR news, opinion and research, all compiled into a handy list for your breaktime consumption.

Let us know what you think of the articles we've shared, and tell us what else you've enjoyed reading this week.


– Why online talent platforms are not just a recruitment opportunity (Barry Flack, LinkedIn)

We need a better way to visualize people's skills (HBR)

When 'work' is no longer work (Gianpaolo Barozzi, Medium)

Learning is complicated (Sukh Pabial)


A speak-up culture (The People Development Network)

– If Volkswagen is suffering, it's time you took culture management very seriously (Ian Buckingham, LinkedIn)

Why workplaces should let employees choose their own manager (Chief Happiness Officer Blog)

A lesson in leadership: why a top Daimler executive just lost his job (Inc)


How Patagonia keeps employee turnover 'freakishly low' (Fortune)

– HR professionals must be decision-makers in the future of work, says expert panel (CIPD)

– Preventing whistleblowers in the Workplace: OSHA expands the rights of whistleblowers (HR Daily Advisor)

4 ways AI will make HR better in 2017 (Forbes)


– SMART goals have never existed (Armin Trost, LinkedIn)

Why always-on learning is essential to the employee experience (Workday)

Six resources HR professionals can read to stay ahead of the curve (Forbes)

Why SMEs have the advantage when it comes to talent (Real Business)

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Shonette Laffy

Deputy Editor

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