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Coffee Break: Stress, tribunals and the truth behind whether bad guys do get ahead


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AI and tech

How soon will you lose your job to a robot? Or is that the wrong question? (Forbes)

Barack Obama on AI, self-driving cars and the future of the world (Wired)

What do people – not techies, not companies – think about Artificial Intelligence? (HBR)

Are we living in a post-social world? Thoughts from HRTech (Andy Swann, LinkedIn)


Do bad guys really get ahead, or fall behind? (ResearchGate)

Firms pay in full on just half of tribunal claims (The Guardian)

Why employers and employees can't be friends (

Challenges facing executive search (Mervyn Dinnen)


Why bonuses are bad for business (Management Today)

Silencing the detractors (William Powell)

– Walmart is copying one of Costco's winning strategies, and it's working (Business Insider)

50 answers about the future of work (Sukh Pabial)

The evolution of organisations and HR at #HRTechWorld (Kate Graham)


Addressing stress at work (Jasmine Gartner, LinkedIn)

3 ways these green companies are promoting healthy workplaces (Entrepeneur)

How to combat the stress and loneliness of being a leader (Forbes)

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Shonette Laffy

Deputy Editor

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