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Developing best practice in exployee exits


In preparing a feature on how to learn from employee exits, I am looking for information on the type of information to be collected, the methods of collection used, what degree of confidentiality is required, how and what information to share, types of follow-up etc. etc.

I’m also looking at possible links into suggestion systems, whistleblowing procedures and appraisal/feedback systems.

Any and all help will be gratefully received.


Jon Seaton
Editor, HR Zone

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  1. Out-sourced Exit Interview Process
    Hi Jon,

    I completed a review of the recruitment and selection practices of a Financial Services company last year. One of the recommendations was to discontinue the internal Exit process. This was designed as a 10 point rating of a number of factors that contributed to the staff member’s decision to leave. Above a certain cut-off point, the line manager was required to repond in writing to these issues.

    It was generally thought by staff and managers that this process had become a bit of a ritual with the departing staff being unwilling to raise controversial issues and this suited the managers.

    The new process is simplified and qualitiative, and it is outsourced. It is now a short telephone conversation 3 months after the individual has left the company. It uses a framework that asks about the “highs and lows” of working for the company, and what this felt like. It also asks for any recommendations that they would make to improve the organisation. This information is drawn together into a summary report every quarter.

    I have just completed the firsr draft report and most of the themes it identifies are similar to the previous structured Exit process.

    However, it also provides new themes and data in relation to the style and skill of the local and senior managers. It is much more critical about the climate and culture of the organisation!

    Please contact me if you would like more details (01224 705326).

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