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Discrimination cases soar


Cases of sexual and racial discrimination have dramatically increased, according to the Employment Tribunal Service.

It reported that in 2006 the number of sexual discrimination cases rose from 2,524 to a staggering 14,250 whilst racial discrimination rose by 786 to 4,103. Only 86,083 of the 115,039 claims made were disposed of, leaving 28,956 claims unresolved.

Responding to these worrying findings the Chartered Management Institute has published a new set of guidelines designed to help organisations embrace diversity.

The guidance includes:

  • Ensuring top level support within the organisation.

  • Establishing the current levels of diversity management.

  • Identifying areas where change and support is needed.

  • Compiling a diversity action plan.

  • Monitoring and reviewing the plan and gathering evidence for improvement.

“Clearly, discrimination on the basis of difference is unacceptable at any level,” said Jo Causon, director of marketing and corporate affairs, Chartered Management Institute. “But in many cases, resistance to change is due to a lack of understanding of the benefits it can bring.

“Organisations should ensure that diversity policies are clear and well communicated to their staff, or risk losing out on the performance gains it can generate,” she added.

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Annie Hayes


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