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Empowering Employees


Empowering employees can have significant results in an organization. If employees feel empowered, they work harder, faster, become more dedicated and enjoy their jobs more. Smart organizations are proactively working towards changing their organizational environment and doing more to connect with their employees. They are taking steps to shape their workplace and develop a plan to build a highly motivated workforce, empowering managers to increase their effectiveness and strengthen organizations ability to compete now and in the future.

Include and Importance
• The best way to empower employees is to make them feel like they are an important part of the organization and that they are partially responsible for the success of the organization. Include them in your team and give your employees positive reinforcement when they get it right. Employees are likely to second-guess their work if they don’t receive feedback about it. Let them know when they have done a great job
Communicate and Coach
• Communicate in a straightforward and clear manner when speaking with your employees. Employees won’t have the chance to feel empowered if they don’t understand what they are supposed to be doing or why they are supposed to be doing it. Don’t manage your employees–coach them. Provide them with feedback and encouragement so you can help them develop their skills and become a valued member of the team. Coach your employees to success!
Active Listening and Attention
• Take the time to listen to your employees. Your employees are always listening to you, so try listening to them for a change. Give employees the chance to bring up concerns and suggestions to you. Let employees use their own suggestions as solutions to problems. This will empower them to take charge of situations. Pay attention to the talents of employees. Find out what each employee does well, in addition to what they enjoy doing. Try to assign tasks that will allow employees to enjoy their work and excel while doing it.
Notice and Never Stop
• Note down and assess the results of your empowerment techniques. Make it a part of your monthly review. Formulate an effective method to determine if they are responding to the techniques appropriately. See to it that you are doing everything you can do to empower your employees. And remember to never stop measuring the results of such strategy as continuous assessments help you develop better empowerment techniques for future.

Jalpa Joshi


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