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EU ‘consultation’ proposals attacked by CBI


The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) yesterday challenged EU politicians for trying to strengthen new legislation on worker consultation, which they say UK business strongly opposed.

It was responding to yesterday’s decision by the EU’s Employment and Social Affairs Committee to recommend a series of amendments to the EU Information and Consultation Directive.

The European Parliament will decide later this month whether to recommend the changes to the European Council of Ministers.

The CBI is particularly concerned by the new sanction allowing the suspension of decisions for non-compliance – rather than the existing approach of fines – and by the proposal to allow employees representatives to postpone business decisions.

It stressed that UK employers are fully in favour of effective employee involvement. But it pledged to vigorously lobby MEPs in a bid to get all of the amendments dropped.

John Cridland, Deputy Director-General, said: “These proposals are highly damaging. They could grind business decision making to a halt and undermine the ability of managers to manage.”

He added: “It would be quite wrong to claim that they are in the long-term interests of employees who are of course dependent on successful well-led businesses.

“We will mount a robust campaign to get these proposals dropped at the parliament stage. We also be raising our concerns with the UK government in preparation for any discussions by the European Council of Ministers.”

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