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Extra milers believe work matters


Seven out of 10 UK workers believe their work makes a difference to the success of their organisation and is the driving force that makes them go ‘that extra mile’.

This is according to a new survey by performance improvement outfit Maritz. The highest proportion of those who feel most valued fall into the millennial and baby boomer generations, with 79% of those aged 25-34 and aged 45-54 saying they believe they make a difference, in contrast to just under two thirds of those aged 35-44.

Nick Bender, managing director of Maritz, said: “Feeling that your work matters is one of the factors that determine whether you are likely to ‘go the extra mile’ at work, be happier and therefore stay with the company longer; all vital to companies in the current economy. Bosses can help their employees feel valued by saying ‘thank you’ for work done well and making it clear how tasks contribute to the success of the business.

Bender recommends implementing a recognition programme when companies are looking to improve the engagement levels and retention of staff. “Rewarding employees for behaviour aligned to the organisation’s core values can go a long way towards achieving a happier and more productive workplace.”

Despite the findings, less than half of those surveyed said that their company regularly communicates news in a way they appreciate.

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