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Fashion police snub ‘bad for bottom’ uniform


Female police officers are rebelling against regulation trousers which they say are unflattering for their bottoms.

Reported by The Telegraph, dozens of officers complained to the trade magazine Police Review, saying they particularly disliked the high waistbands and the bulky, ill-fitting material which they say makes it difficult to run after offenders.

A Hampshire Constabulary WPC, quoted by the paper, said: “Police uniform for women is awful. When my uniform was issued I requested men’s trousers as the women’s were so high waisted that they did absolutely nothing for a woman’s figure. I now buy my own trousers.”

Another WPC from the West Midlands added: “It does wind me up that we get these terrible trousers – they make your bum look huge – they are massive around the hips. The force needs to listen to us, the old uniforms are old-fashioned and need updating.”

The female officers also complained about uncomfortable stab vests and impractical fleeces and said they wanted uniforms that took account of the weather, the paper added.

According to the report, the calls for change are backed by the Association of Chief Police Officers after the Metropolitan Police announced they were getting students from the London College of Fashion to address the issue.

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