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Finalists announced for the 2022 Culture Pioneer Awards

The time has finally arrived for us to reveal the culture change heroes of 2022...

The aftermath of Covid-19, alongside unprecedented talent struggles and widening skills gaps, have left organisations facing yet another strenuous year. But our 2022 Culture Pioneer entrants doubled down on culture shaping and saw a positive pay-out from these hard efforts. Perseverance through adversity, a penchant for experimentation and employee empowerment were key themes running across all our categories this year. 

Over the past few months, our judges have been scrutinising the entries to help us select our 2022 Culture Pioneers. The panel for each category (Wellbeing, Inclusion, Brand and Learning) came together on a video call to discuss, deliberate and mutually agree on the finalists – some of these calls lasted two hours, highlighting the calibre of this year’s entries and the tough choices that had to be made!

Before we announce the finalists, the Culture Pioneers team would like to thank all those who have supported the programme – from the culture cultivators entering the awards to the judges evaluating submissions and ambassadors spreading the word. We appreciate your involvement.

Without further ado, here are the finalists for this year’s Culture Pioneer Awards!

(Use #CulturePioneers on our social channels to let us know which stories resonate or reflect your organisation’s initiatives and future plans.)

Wellbeing Award

Employee wellbeing has surged in priority for most businesses in the past year, and what were considered forward-thinking approaches have quickly fallen into what is expected of an organisation. But our four finalists for the 2022 wellbeing category have put in a level of commitment to employee wellbeing that really sets them apart, demonstrating what needs to be done to take care of and support your workforce.

Congratulations to our Wellbeing finalists!

  • Progeny

  • Nine Feet Tall

  • Enfuse Group

  • Education Development Trust

Find out more about the achievements of our wellbeing finalists here.

Inclusion Award

Business standards today are moving further into the world of humanity-first, ethical and conscious approaches. As a result, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are pivotal values that organisations are benchmarked by. But making meaningful impact in these areas and embedding a culture where all employees feel like they belong remains no easy feat.

This year’s four finalists for the Inclusion Award have all demonstrated a level of commitment to building an equitable workplace and inclusive culture that has really impressed the judges.

Congratulations to our Inclusion finalists!

  • Henkel UK

  • LoveCrafts

  • WRAP

  • Form3

Find out more about the achievements of our inclusion finalists here.

Learning Award

The competition was strong for our learning shortlist this year, but these seven finalists showed real impact with their efforts to build a learning culture. Beyond onboarding and formal training, these learning pioneers empowered employees to hone skills, crafted inclusive internal mobility pathways and made coaching or mentoring accessible for all.

Congratulations to our Learning finalists!!

  • BT Consumer

  • Nine Feet Tall

  • Wholegrain Digital

  • MyTutor

  • Bright Horizons

  • Escapism Bar Group

  • Designer Contracts

Find out more about the achievements of our learning finalists here.

Brand Award

New to this year’s awards is our Brand category. We invited organisations to demonstrate authenticity between their external brand and internal culture. To prove that what they promote to the world is lived and breathed in the workplace. Our five finalists all went on unique journeys to becoming vanguards in their respective fields – be that recruitment, insurance or residential care.

Congratulations to our Brand finalists!

  • Frog Systems

  • Your Chapter

  • Charlie HR Culture Ops Team

  • Anthony Fitzpatrick, Head of Colleague Experience & Employment Policy, Aviva

  • Pivot Search

Find out more about the achievements of our Brand finalists here.

The winners will be announced at our first ever in-person awards celebration at The Arboretum in central London.

Come join us to celebrate!



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