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Forward features list 2006


Please see our forward features list for 2006 below, together with service highlights.

January 2006
HR predictions for 2006

February 2006
Employee benefits: From February HR Zone will kick start its special employee benefits focus. Every month we will look at the link between the top four benefits our members have told us they currently offer or are considering reviewing within the next 12 months and productivity.

We will talk to HR managers across industry sectors to find out whether benefits really drive productivity.

March/April 2006
Legislation: This is the first trigger point in the year for new employment legislation. HR Zone will talk to HR professionals across the board about whether these latest regulations will help/hinder them to make better business decisions and what it means for them in terms of logistics and strategy.

May/June 2006
Career management: HR Zone will look at ways to make it to the top of the HR tree. We will ask key HR Directors what skills they are looking for in an HR officer/ manager and consultant. We will also interview a range of HR professionals and ask them to reveal their best and worst HR jobs to date.

July/August 2006
Change management: Why do HR professionals believe they have the required skills to influence business leaders/line managers and what are these skills? What does HR do to add value in this field? We will present a suite of case studies which show the benefits of an array of change management programmes. Did productivity go up as a result? Did share price go up? Can famous theorists/academics like John P Kotter provide any insight into managing change today – what do HR professionals think?

September 2006
HR Zone will showcase whitepapers from the leading HR/payroll and integrated solutions providers.

October 2006
This is the second and final trigger point of the year for new employment legislation. HR Zone will talk to HR professionals across the board about whether these latest regulations will help/hinder them to make better business decisions and what it means for them in terms of logistics and strategy.

November 2006 HR Zone will reflect on the year’s biggest HR/Training trends and look at what’s on offer for HR professionals looking to work in these niche areas. We will also ask key HR Directors why they think these trends have found themselves in the limelight and what value they add to the employment mix.

December 2006
Round-up and reflections on 2006.

Editor’s Choice:
HRZone is the most interactive community for the UK HR market offering a wealth of information to help HR professionals keep on top of latest news, views, opinions and thought in the field.

Key service highlights include:

  • Feature series: a panel of series columnists comment each day on the range of burning HR and business issues that impact on people management today.

  • Opinion: our weekly sounding-board for key HR commentators allows them to express their views and get on their soap box.

  • Editor’s Comment: this Friday opinion piece from the Editor takes a look at a key issue or burning topic and presents the views of key spokespeople.

  • HR Practitioner’s Diary: this column follows the antics of HR Consultant, Sue Kingston – a self-confessed ‘Bridget Jones’.

  • How did I get Here? find hints and tips for how to get to the top of the HR tree in our series of interviews with top HR professionals.

  • What’s the answer? see expert answers to your burning questions.

  • Reviews: regular book reviews from a panel of professionals digesting and analysing the latest HRM, training and business books on the market.

  • HR and Payroll Tip: our weekly tip gives you the expert answer to thousands of issues and problems.

  • Document Library: access a wide range of white papers, brochures, expert guides and much more, written by some of the key providers and vendors in the HR world.

  • Any Answers? submit questions with the option to be anonymous at our problem solving forum, Any Answers to take advantage of the knowledge of thousands of HR experts for free.

  • Humour: our weekly column ‘The Couch?!’ takes a light-hearted look at amusing tales, current affair hilarity and latest fashions and trends.

Would you like to contribute your views and thoughts to HR Zone in 2006? Contact the Editor: Annie Hayes

Editorial Guidelines
Overall content: Our editorial policy is not to use material directly promoting an organisation’s goods and services. Instead, we publish contributed features containing specific viewpoints on HR-related subjects, advice guides and opinion pieces commenting on experiences of the HR market.

Feature articles should be between 800-1000 words in length.

Format: Commissioned pieces should be written with HRZone’s audience of HR professionals in mind. Ensure your article explains: who, what, where, when and how. Cut the jargon and use plain English!

What was covered in 2005?
See the site highlights from last year here.

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