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Free Graduate Recruitment for Selected Companies & Agencies.


Search4Grads is a new and innovative online graduate recruitment resource which aims to cater for the demands and requirements of university graduates and their prospective employers. It is our mission to meet the respective recruitment requirements and aspirations of all parties concerned in a mutually beneficial manner.

As a start-up company we are currently promoting our services to graduate employers throughout Ireland and the UK. This will be closely followed by an extensive marketing campaign targeting both students and recent graduates.

Currently the Search4Grads website is receiving on average 45,000 hits per month. Amazingly this figure was taken before the website had been completed and before we started any marketing activities.

Now that the website is almost fully operational, we are providing the opportunity for selected companies to advertise and source candidates via the Search4Grads website, completely free of charge for the next 12 months.

This is a one-off promotional offer which is open to all graduate employers and recruitment agencies, regardless of size and/or industry sector. Our aim is to attract two companies to each of the 23 industry related categories on the Search4Grads website.

In order to qualify for this promotional offer, each company must have a minimum of one existing graduate employment opportunity and expect at least a further five within the next twelve months.

Two companies for each industry sector will then be selected at random, to take advantage of this promotional offer and gain immediate access to the Search4Grads website, and associated facilities completely free of charge for twelve months.

However, companies which are not selected at random to receive this promotional offer will still qualify for special savings on any of our graduate recruitment packages or individual job postings. So please visit to register your company details today and you could receive the following facilities free for 12 months:

• Unlimited Job Postings: Search4Grads provides a very cost effective and time efficient job advertising platform for all graduate employers and recruitment agencies. With an unlimited number of job postings, your employment opportunities can be advertised to potential candidates as and when required within minutes

• Company Profile: A Search4Grads subscription also includes a Company Profile which can be easily tailored to match your existing corporate identity. Accessible from the homepage, this provides a very effective promotional facility allowing graduates and students to quickly access contact details and additional information relating to your company and its primary activities.

• Hot Employers: All companies subscribing to Search4Grads for six months or more automatically qualify as Hot Employers. Benefits of being a Hot Employer include an increased presence on the website which can significantly raise your public profile, and generate more job enquiries and/or applications.

• Graduate Profiles: As well as providing students and graduates with an insight as to what it would be like to work for your company, a graduate profile can also raise general public awareness of your company and its core business activities. This can make the vital difference between a graduate choosing to work for your company, or one of your competitors.

• Relevant Statistics: Search4Grads realise and appreciate the fact that relevant feedback is an essential requirement for any recruitment advertising. Therefore we also provide a statistics facility which tracks and compiles relevant information relating to your advertised vacancies and online profiles. This can be useful for comparing different advertising campaigns as well as monitoring your accounts performance.

• Unlimited CV access: As well as our attractive advertising facilities, a Search4Grads subscription also includes full access to our searchable database of student and graduate CVs. Searches are quick and easy to perform and filters allow you to locate the most suitable candidates for your vacancies. You can also specify and receive information on our latest candidate CVs as and when they are added to our database. This is achieved by setting filters that will ensure you only receive information on candidates relevant to you and/or your advertised vacancies.

• Genuine Candidates Actively Seeking Employment: Unlike any other graduate recruitment website, graduates are required to pay a small annual subscription fee to register their details with Search4Grads. This helps to ensure that our candidates are genuine and actively seeking employment. Graduates are also encouraged to pause their account when not actively seeking employment. This also helps to ensure that valuable time and resources are not wasted when candidates are unavailable for interview and/or employment.

• Save Search Facility: Performing numerous searches on any recruitment website can be time consuming, and depending on the search criteria and filters specified, they can often produce unexpected results. Therefore, Search4Grads has incorporated a Save Search facility into our search engine. This means that after performing a successful search for potential candidates, you can then save the criteria specified for quick and time efficient searches in the future.

• Flag CVs: Another time saving facility incorporated into the Search4Grads site is the ability to Flag CVs. This will save the details of potential candidates which you have located, to your account for future reference. These will also be separated in any future searches so valuable time is not wasted by reviewing CVs already saved to your account.

• Additional Users: At Search4Grads we understand that the recruitment process can involve numerous people. This is why we do not limit your Search4Grads account to just one individual. Some of our subscription packages already come with numerous user accounts. However, additional users can be purchased as and when required.

• Contacts: Save all those important contact details that you pickup through work in one convenient location. These will be saved to your Contacts facility so you can access them at any time from any computer with an internet connection.

• Reminders Facility: Send a message to your email address and/or mobile phone on a specific date to remind you about those important dates such as meetings, career fairs, open days and interview dates. This will be a handy service for the forgetful and could also remind you of birthdays, anniversaries, nights out…

• Control Panel: Every aspect of your Search4Grads account can be monitored and administrated from our intuitive and easy to use Control Panel. This provides direct access to all of the tools and facilities described above, and aims to simplify the recruitment process for all concerned.

• Application Forms (coming soon): Fed up of standard application forms? Search4Grads allows you to upload your own application forms which can be completed and sent to you online or downloaded and sent through the post. This will ensure that application forms are received by your preferred method and in you required format.

• Keyword Sponsorship (coming soon): Our search facility is the key to the entire Search4Grads website. It is where students and graduates query our database of vacancies for employment opportunities matching their specific criteria.

Therefore, this is one of the most high profile advertising spaces on the Search4Grads site for locating your banner adds. This can be achieved by setting a few filters which will display your banner add as and when certain keywords and/or regions, are entered into a search query.

If several companies use the same parameters, banner adds will be displayed on a rotational basis. Each banner add will contain a link which can be directed to your company profile, advertised vacancies or an external webpage on your website.

Please note that additional banner adds can be purchased at any time to maximise your presence on the Search4Grads website.

• General Banner Add Sponsorship: By simply uploading your banner add to our site, it will be rotated on all sections including careers advice, news articles and other miscellaneous sections. This will be seen by our members and other website visitors and help to establish your corporate identity and raise you public profile. You will also be able to check how successful your banner add is performing from the stats section of your account.

For the chance to access all of these facilities completely free of charge for the next 12 months, please register your details at before December 17th. All companies will be notified by email on December 20th.

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