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Free resource – Survey helps recruit engaged employees


FindingPotential has launched a free psychometric questionnaire which helps organisations to recruit  candidates who will be highly engaged in their job.

The 10-minute online questionnaire, Engage, creates an instant feedback report, showing the relative importance to the individual of 14 aspects of work that underpin employee engagement and commitment.

"Different people want different things from their work," said Ron Eldridge, Managing Director of FindingPotential. "Some want reward, recognition and career progression, others want independence, personal growth and work-life balance. If you appoint someone who’s needs will be met by the reality of the role, they will be more likely to perform at a higher level and less likely to leave."

The questionnaire can be used by organisations at the selection interview stage. Individuals can also use it to better understand their ‘personal motivators’ and make more informed decisions if they are considering a career move, a promotion or an internal change of role.

The nine-page feedback report, generated by the questionnaire, summarises the individual’s responses and it can be printed or saved as a PDF. No specific training is required to interpret the results.

Finding Potential has also produced three free workbooks: to help organisations enhance their recruitment process, to help individuals make better career choices and to help coaches use the Engage questionnaire for career coaching.

The company launched a free, online personality questionnaire in 2009.
Later this year, it plans to launch free verbal and numerical reasoning tests, free sifting questionnaires for different job types and a free 360- degree feedback process.

"Any organisation that has been through the pain, the expense and the distraction of hiring the wrong person will appreciate the value of testing but up to now the high cost of assessments has been a significant barrier," said Ron Eldridge.

The 14 work criteria are:

  • Personal growth – A job that identifies and supports my development needs and stretches my capabilities
  • Job satisfaction – An interesting and enjoyable job, which I consider to be important
  • Independence – Freedom to organise my work and set my own targets; scope to try new ways of doing things
  • Cooperation – Supportive relationships, a team atmosphere, respect between colleagues
  • Vertical relationship – An approachable, motivational manager who provides regular feedback and acts as a role model
  • Reward and recognition – I am rewarded fairly for my effort. The reward and recognition culture is based on performance and is competitive in the wider marketplace
  • Career progression – Clearly defined opportunities to advance quickly through the organisation. A sense my career progression is taken seriously
  • Loyalty and trust – The organisation acts in the interest of its employees and delivers on promises that are made
  • Organisational confidence – Working for a successful organisation that is well led, has good people and a strong future
  • Ethical standards – Belief in the purpose and ethical principles of the organisation. Working for an organisation promoting diversity and equal opportunities
  • Belonging – Belief in the organisation’s mission, vision and values. A sense of belonging and pride in working for the organisation
  • Communications – Having a clear sense of the direction in which the organisation is heading; understanding the rationale of key decisions being made
  • Well-being – Maintaining a work-life balance, having manageable workloads which do not cause me to feel stressed or overloaded
  • Working conditions – Comfortable working environment with good facilities and reliable and effective equipment.

 Find out what motivates you: The Engage questionnaire is available here.

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