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Further Details of Appointments and Responsibilities In Work and Pensions


Alistair Darling, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, yesterday announced the allocation of policy responsibilities for his Ministerial Team.

As Secretary of State Mr Darling has overall responsibility for all work and pension matters as well as public expenditure issues.

Nick Brown, Minister of State: Structural unemployment policy, Welfare to work (New Deals/ONE), Adult Disadvantage, Jobcentre Plus/BA/ES, Employers, Employment Zones, International, 16-18 policy, Skills

Ian McCartney, Minister of Pensions: Basic Pension, SERPS/S2P, Stakeholders and private pensions, Occupational Pensions, NI Fund/NIRS2, Pension Credit, The Pensions Service, MIG, Ministerial Group for Older People

Malcolm Wicks, Parliamentary Under Secretary (Work): Deputy to the Minister for Work on all work issues, IB/ Medical Policy, Housing Benefit, Bereavement Benefits Social Fund, Fraud and Methods of Payment reform, IS (Working Age)/JSA

Pat Hollis, Minister for Children and the Family, Parliamentary Under Secretary in the Lords: CSA, ICC/Child Benefit, Poverty and Social exclusion, Childcare, Asylum, Green Issues, Maternity/Paternity Pay, Appeals Service and Adjudication issues

Maria Eagle, Minister for Disabled People (PUS): Deputy to the Minister for Pensions on all pensions issues, Disability policy/Disability Rights Commission, Disability Benefits, Carers Benefits, Long-term care

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