Career Path definition

Career paths are routes that individuals take from their first foray into the job market through to their final position before retirement. Generally speaking career paths start with the most junior position and end with the most senior position – this isn’t always the case but is likely the intention of the individual. It’s important to start thinking of career paths early as the choices made early on in a career can influence the opportunities available in the future.

Training and development can play a significant part in the opportunities open to people and therefore the ways they can carve out their career path. Some people will carve out a career path within one company while others will attempt to climb the ladder by moving to other companies. Generally-speaking, companies need to promote internally if they want individuals to remain with them in the long-term.

As portfolio careers become more acceptable and attractive, traditional career paths are changing as people jump into different industries, often starting lower-down in the new industry than they were in the previous industry. However, those with skills applicable to different roles will find it easier to move into new industries at the same or more senior level.


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