HR Director definition

The HR director is the highest-ranking HR position in a company and typically has overall responsibility for three areas: culture, capabilities and talent. At enterprise-level they may sit on the board and advise senior leaders on HR developments and the effects of new policies on the organisation’s people and culture. In smaller firms, the HR director may be called the Head of HR.

The HR director role has come under a lot of attention recently – it’s not traditionally been a board-level position, which is as a surprise because the most senior leader in other business functions, such as finance, are represented on the board.

As technology evolves and its use in HR becomes more important, HR directors are coming under increasing pressure to integrate HR software within the company and use the data collated to help inform decision-making.

The role is also increasingly blurring with the high-level marketing and sales roles as businesses see the links between a company’s PR profile and employee happiness, and employee engagement and the ability to provide a high level of customer service.

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