Recruitment definition

Recruitment is the process of hiring new staff, from initial discussions around opening a new position and what the position entails through to onboarding and developing the new staff member.

HR director involvement in the recruitment process will typically be around the perceptions of the employer branding and talent acquisition. In small SMEs the most senior HR representative may handle the recruitment process from start to finish.

Recruitment is often undertaken in-house but may also be outsourced to recruitment companies, who specialise in locating suitable candidates. Recruitment companies vary in the services they offer; some advertise available positions only while others will handle the whole recruitment process. Executive search firms are specialist businesses who source and recruit individuals for senior and executive-level positions.

Recruitment is increasingly conducted across digital channels, particularly the internet, where employers post available positions to their own or third-party websites and accept applications via email or a specialist system. Mobile recruitment is also a growing industry – job-seekers can use specialist apps and websites to access job openings on the move. Companies are making more use of social recruitment, which involves promoting job roles and receiving indications of interest across social media sites including Twitter and LinkedIn.

Onboarding is the final stage of the recruitment process and involves integrating a new hire with the physical, emotional and practical aspects of the role, as well as the organisational culture.