Mohawk Valley Formula definition

The Mohawk Valley formula is a set of guidelines and actions for strikebreaking based on, according to Noam Chomsky, a propaganda-based framework rather than one based on more traditional methods of violence.

The formula is said to have been conceived by James Rand Jr, president of American manufacturing company Remington Rand, following the Remington Rand strike in New York in 1936 and 1937. This has never been verified, although the strike was put down violently.

The Mohawk Valley formula includes: discrediting union leaders and labelling them ‘agitators,’ scaring the public with threats of violence, intimidating strikers using the police force and vigilantes, forming puppet groups of ‘loyal workers’ to influence public debate and discredit strikers, protecting and fortifying workplaces, often with private security forces, employing large numbers of strikebreakers to work in place of strikers, and threatening closure of the workplace if the workers do not return to work.


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