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GMB challenges UK discrimination laws


In a challenge to UK discrimination legislation, the GMB union plans to draw up ethnic minority short-lists for jobs in the organisation.

A spokesman for the GMB union pointed out that women only short-lists had been used to increase the number of women MPs at Parliament. Was and went on to say, “the time was come to break down the barriers to elected office faced by ethnic minorities.”

The GMB Union is hoping that the move will advanced debate on the subject of short-listing ethnic minority members to help them gain more senior positions. The union believes it will be in breach of legislation by drawing up short-lists of ethnic minorities for positions on its executive and for regional posts.

John Edmonds, General Secretary of the GMB, said, “the GMB and the trade union movement have always been in the forefront in the war against discrimination of any kind and it is time for us to take the lead on this issue.”

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