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Government advisory and online services index


Employer’s Gateway:
Advice for all employers on all aspects of government policy affecting the workplace.

Employment Relations: Collective agreements, individual employment rights, redundancy, consultation and more, provided by the DTI.

Employment Appeals Tribunal Reports:
Latest case law as decided by Tribunals.

Pensions Guide: Comprehensive pensions information for individuals, employers and providers, including stakeholder pensions.

Social Security Benefits Advice:
Social Security made easy? perhaps not – but here is the Department’s own guide to all social security benefit entitlements and provisions.

Management Best Practice Advice:
Improve your business performance. The DTI’s own best practice guide including tools, publications and services from DTI agencies.

Women’s Unit: Supporting women in the workplace. Advice on childcare, maternity, boosting confidence, new skills, financial support.

Inland Revenue: The Inland Revenue’s own guide to all taxation and national insurance matters.

Government Online Gateway:
Submit information to government departments online. Currently allows tax, PAYE and VAT submissions online; more to follow.

Adult Learners Gateway Advice and information from the DfEE.

Lifelong Learning Resources A central reference page with links to lifelong learning initiatives and programmes.

Links to all main HR and Training services – a page of related internet links.

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Tim Pickles


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