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Green candidates scoop jobs


A new study claims a third of employers would turn down an applicant on the basis of their green credentials failing to meet the required level.

According to online recruiter fish4jobs, there is a growing trend for employers to evaluate candidates’ carbon footprints as much as their previous job experience. As many as one in 10 employers ask potential employees about their commitment to the environment during an interview.

Fish4jobs advises candidates to:

1. Research the company’s green policy – research any initiatives implemented in order to ascertain the company’s stance on green issues. Maybe at the interview you can suggest ways they can be greener, such as car pooling or using categorised recycling bins.

2. Give eco-friendly examples – tell your interviewer about green workplace practices you initiated or participated in at previous jobs.

3. Research local green charities – research any local environmental charities that you can suggest the company could forge a partnership with.

4. Ask eco questions – take the time in your interview to ask your interviewer intelligent questions on environmental matters and their opinions.

5. Make sure you know your environmental issues – be up to date with any recent developments so that you are able to talk about them if asked.

Candidates are also being selective. Over one in 10 check out a firms’ green credentials before they decide to apply.

Joe Slavin, CEO fish4jobs, said: “We are hearing more from recruiters that being green and eco-friendly in the workplace is an important quality in a candidate. Companies are under constant pressure to exercise eco-friendly policies and therefore jobseekers should be aware that having the right green credentials could mean the difference between being hired or cast aside.”

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