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Group Training Exercise


I need to find the group training exercise which asks people to consider what items they would keep when their plane crashes in the desert.

The purpose of the exercise is to show that “the sum of the whole is greater than its parts” by demonstrating through a relatively short exercise that we work better as a team.

This will be used as part of a project management training course in an organisation introducing matrix management. Any suggestions on where to source this exercise, or a simple, short, comparable exercise are gratefully received.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Adele Wright
UK Human Resources Manager
Yazaki Europe Limite
Adele Wright

4 Responses

  1. http://WWW.MLRUK.COM
    If you contact MLR (Managment Learning Resources) on 01267 281661 or at their website ( you will find a wealth of resources like the ones you’re looking for. I have found their enquiry line very helpful in the past.

  2. MA
    You could try MotivAction in Hertfordshire, they are a team building ‘type’ company and can be contacted on 01438 861821.

  3. Lost on the Moon
    I have a program called Lost on the Moon based on NASA exercises for Astronauts. Scenario is to link with a mothership, limited resources, what to carry and in what order of importance – promotes individual and team thinking.
    Drop me an email for more details if you are interested
    David Stickland
    National Sales Capability Manager
    Kimberly-Clark Australia
    [email protected]

  4. The Wilderness Exercise
    We have a game called The Wilderness Exercise which we have found useful in the past.

    I’ll be pleased to email it to you if you contact me.

    Kind regards

    Colin Hamilton
    Business Improvement Solutions
    [email protected]

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