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Growing businesses fail to support staff


Staff play a vital role in growing businesses yet receive inadequate support from senior management, according to a new survey.

The research by the Forum Corporation reveals that at top-performing firms, 80 per cent of senior executives cite the importance of staff in bringing about growth, with two-thirds of top players saying the same at less successful growth businesses. Yet in spite of this recognition, staff tasked with leading growth believe their seniors have failed to give them sufficient guidance.

According to the research, nearly two-thirds claim they have been under-prepared, whilst one in 10 reveal they have been given no preparation whatsoever by senior staff.

The key complaint identified by those staff involved in leading growth is a lack of training, education and coaching.

Andrew Shapiro, executive consultant at The Forum Corporation, said: “Given that the pace of change only continues to accelerate, it is more important than ever that senior management gives its budding stars the right kind of support and equips them with the basic skill-set they need to enable them to help their company’s growth.”

According to the research, it is firms with greater leadership and agility that succeed.

Just over 300 executives from North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific were quizzed as part of the survey.

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Annie Hayes


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