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Half of bosses fancy their employees


Just over half of bosses have the hots for one of their employees with 30 per cent going one step further by sleeping with their staff.

These are the shocking findings of a poll by video recruitment website which revealed that a quarter even cheat because they are married.

Almost a third of employers have had a relationship with a member of staff and a staggering one in five have had an affair with a worker behind their partner’s back.

Fourteen per cent were caught by their other half and another 17 per cent were found out by their boss but three quarters were let off the hook.

A fifth of managers have had a one-night stand with an employee with the majority of those taking place on a work-night out. Another 22 per cent got down to it at the christmas party whilst 17 per cent even had sex when they were working late together in the office.

A quarter of bosses believe that the affection is an attempt to gain promotion whilst 17 per cent are sly enough to admit taking advantage of this.

The poll, of 2,000 bosses, also revealed that men really do fancy their secretary or PA with 39 per cent admitting they have the hots for their assistant. For a third of bosses it’s not all just a quick fling and ten per cent of those are still together now.

Shockingly almost 16 per cent of managers have hired someone purely because of the way they look and 14 per cent reckon they would prefer to give the job to someone who looked stunning but was rubbish at the job rather than a really good but ugly candidate.

A third has also let a staff member off the hook for doing something wrong because they fancy them.

Jon Glas, managing director of, said: ”Although it may seem like a good idea at the time, getting involved with the boss can be riddled with problems as the employee will have to get used to being told what to do by their other half. Also, if it all goes wrong, you still have to work together afterwards which can be difficult.

”Bosses also need to be careful as some employees could just see it as a quick promotion opportunity.”

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Annie Hayes


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