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Help to change career for social worker


I am an experienced social worker that has devised and run many training courses. I usually work with quite damaged young male adolescents and am currently running assertiveness skills courses for them. I chose to work with young males as they are the hardest client group to communicate with and i knew i would have to be creative in helping them to change and stay changed. I now feel i have ammassed good training and communication skills and would like to go into traing full time, i am concerned that i am not qualified and need advice to gauge wther that will have an effect on getting started and how to get started i.e. what is the current training issues and subjects that i could adapt to. THANKS IN AVANCE

lozza darani

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  1. Training

    I used to work for a company called Brathay, a charitable trust in the Lake District. They do a lot of experiential training with youth groups similar to those you described. They also run a number of trainer training programmes which may be of use to you.

    You could try contacting Steve Lenartovicz – He is in charge of the Youth department. I am sure he would be able to offer you some advice. He can be reached on 015394 34193

    Good Luck


  2. A couple of suggestions for career change

    Having changed careers myself, what has worked for me is to emmerse myself in the training world/business, and reading everything at the TrainingZone is a great start. Find out what books you may need to read that will give you the basics and read them as soon as you can. Begin talking to people in the kinds of jobs that you want to eventually work in, and learn what has made them successful, and don’t be afraid to ask them to help you by offering suggestions. Meet with them, having sent them your CV ahead of time, and ask them for some straightforward advice based on what your CV says. This is a good start.

    Wishing you well….Scott

  3. How to build a career in training
    Dear Lozza,

    You may find the following page on the TrainingZONE website to be of use. We don’t offer individual advice on training careers advice, however, it may well be worthwhile talking your situation through with an employment service careers adviser or by contacting the careers adviser at your local college.

    I hope it helps.


    Kind regards


    Jon Seaton
    Editor, HR Zone,

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