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Housing sector employees are proudest


Nearly three quarters (72%) of employees working in the housing sector are proud to work for their organisation; a figure that is twelve percentage points above the UK norm of 60%.

These are the findings from a recent report by research specialists ORC International’s Putting it in Perspective.

Work/life balance satisfaction levels also rate highly in the sector with 71% of respondents saying they have struck the right balance.

Seventy-four per cent agreed that long term goals were communicated effectively, this compared to 51% who said the same in local government.

Only 40% of workers in the sector, however, feel they are able to challenge ideas and the way things are done. A figure that is the least favourable score across all sectors.

While staff retention also appeared to be a concern with 58% of housing sector employees indicating an intention to job-hop in the next 12 months.

Kerry Price, human resources manager at The National Housing Federation said:

“Housing sector employees work in a caring sector and make a difference to people’s lives. It’s an opportunity to use knowledge and experience to give something back to the community, and individuals certainly take pride in the contribution they make.”

The ORC report is based on data derived from the organisations employee survey benchmarking database which represents the opinions of around 1.4 million employees.

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