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HR blogosphere bulletin: 10 of the best


Blog round-upJon Ingham highlights 10 of his favourite posts from the HR blogs that he’s read this week so that he can bring a few more great blogs and bloggers to your attention.

1. Asperger syndrome and employment

I’ve posted previously on the need to think differently about autism, and I thought this post from James Richards at ‘Work-related Blogs and News’ considered this important issue very well.

2. Commitments and goals

Laurie Ruettimann makes a powerful case against organisational commitment at ‘Punk Rock HR’ – have a read and consider whether you’re also commitment-phobe.

3. The fear factor

On the ‘Xenexa blog’, Jeff Saltzman writes about reducing workplace confidence during the recession, with a particular focus on Europe.

4. Getting to CEO via HR

Cathy Missildine-Martin describes the importance of followership in HR at ‘Profitability Through Human Capital’.

5. HR’s moment of truth

Sharlyn Lauby, the ‘HR Bartender’, challenges Jack Welch’s suggestion that layoffs are when HR should demonstrate whether a company really cares about its people.

6. Most admired vs. most innovative vs. best to work for

Ryan Johnson contrasts and compares some of the different best companies lists (with a US focus) on the ‘World at Work’ blog.

7. The only reference that really matters

At ‘Great Leadership’, Dan McCarthy suggests using a ‘threat of reference check’ as part of a topgrading approach to recruitment.

8. Is telecommuting dangerous for your future?

Jim Ware at ‘The Future of Work’ considers the possible problems involved in the increasing use of flexible working programmes.

9. Twitter is sooooooo last year

Tim Elkington describes some new technologies impacting ‘online recruitment’ and HR.

10. Six questions to help you and your group

At ‘All Things Workplace’, Steve Roesler provides tips for taking the pulse rate of a group.

There are another 20 great blog posts on this week’s HR carnival – published by Kelly Dingee at Fistful of Talent. So take a look at this too.

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  • Jon is executive consultant at Strategic Dynamics. He specialises in helping HR teams to become more strategic and to increase their impact, including through the use of social media. He has two blogs (Strategic HCM and Competitive Society), and a podcast show (Talking HR). You can also follow him on Twitter @joningham

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