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HR Briefing #24 – White Paper for regional development; Acoustic Shock; Personnel ahead in pay


HR Briefing Issue 24 15 February 2001
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White Paper for regional development; Acoustic Shock; Personnel ahead in pay
How to display HR and Training resources on your site; How to take the hassle out of salary admin.
Never assume
How to keep informed of current debates


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A sample of recent stories from our news pages

White Paper: Opportunity For All In A World Of Change
Amid stories of leaks to the press prior to notifying Parliament,
the Government today unveiled its active industrial policy to help
people and businesses.

Unions prepare action over Acoustic Shock
The condition, known as acoustic shock, afflicts workers in
telephone call centres and is being described as the industrial
injury of the 21st century

CIPD: Personnel Directors lead in Pay Stakes
This year’s annual reward survey for personnel professionals shows
that average pay for Personnel Directors is 3.2 per cent ahead of
the average for other functions

Watch Articles
HR Weekly Watch – HR related stories in brief – updated today

Seven Habits of highly ineffective people
Unabashed inefficiency stalks the corridors of power, say
FTdynamo, and we would do better by stopping the inefficiency
rather than chasing successful habits

Business Directories
A comprehensive listing of business directory services currently
available within HR Zone.

Indian Earthquake
The Disaster Emergency Committee agencies are targeting over half
a million people following the Indian Earthquake; helping to
provide temporary housing, clean water and sanitation, food,
caring for health needs and preventing the spread of disease.
It will take many years to rebuild the shattered lives of the
people of Gujarat. To make a donation visit:

A library of practical resources for your immediate use is at

How to display HR Resource material on YOUR website
In response to suggestons from members, we have created a simple
and effective way in which your website or company internet site
can display any (or all) of:

– a Trainers Toolkit resource library of materials
– a comprehensive HR Resource Centre
– an online and offline Learning Campus
– a suite of Business Directories

Each of these resource services if fully functioning, available
24 hours/day, and is automatically updated with all new content.
All you have to do is set up a new page of your website, link in
the code we supply – and that’s it!

This will provide your company website with the same resources as
you can find on the Trainers Toolkit, HR Resource Centre,
Learning Campus and Directory pages on TrainingZONE or HR Zone.
The display occurs in a frameset, and links to the original
material from our sites.

This facility is already proving popular – it offers your staff,
users and clients added information and services with the minimum
of effort on your part. For more details, see

How to take the hassle out of paying wages and salaries
Use StaffPay. Does doing the monthly payroll take time you could
spend better on other things? Do you worry if you’re applying
the right tax codes? Want some help in adding in those expenses
claims? You can now outsource all this administration cheaply and
easily whilst retaining complete control. Not only that, but the
system is guaranteed to be completely up-to-date with all current
employment legislation, tax codes and payroll practice. It
generates your payslips and keeps records for all your employees.

HR Zone has teamed up with StaffPay to offer you this brilliant
service in our HR Resource Centre. And as proof of its value,
we’ve been using it ourselves to administer the payroll for all
our staff in four different countries – and no-one’s complained
about an error. Check out just how easy it is to lose the hassle
of paying wages and salaries..

These services are all part of the extensive HR Resource Centre
which is now available and expanding fast at


View From The Hill: Never assume

Women Unlimited was an event this week organised by the Cabinet
Office. It was aimed at getting more women into the workforce,
away from benefits and into a lifestyle with greater independence,
self reliance and respect.

The press reported that some business leaders had criticised the
event for being a waste of money and giving patronising advice.
Out of a whole range of advice it would appear that the business
leaders are being very selective. Advice such as:
– make sure others know you are looking for work
– look at a range of vacancies to find out the rate for the work
– most employers expect applicants to look smart
may be obvious to some people. Its been my experience in HR and
training circles that we should never assume that a learner knows
something. Having worked with people from poor educational
backgrounds, from poor social environments and with people who
have been trapped by a run of misfortune my experience is that it
is often wise to reinforce what to others is obvious.

All of us, including business leaders, would do well to remember
that we are all born with very little knowledge of the world we
live in. We all learn throughout our lives. To assume that
someone else knows what we ourselves consider obvious can prove
to be an error. To criticise others for not making the same
assumption can be even worse.

Jon Seaton
mailto:[email protected]


See our jobs listing at:

amongst the listing this week:

IT Training News Editor-Part Time

HR Consultants



How to keep informed of current debates
Many HR Zone members are unaware of the discussions taking
place within the Forum area of the site. The Forums cover
a wide range of topics

Career Management Change Management
Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and Taxation
Diversity Management Employment Law
Grievance Management HR Consultancy
HR Strategy Labour Relations
Performance Management Recruitment and Selection

You can post questions, respond to points, provoke debate,
and much much more. Now you can be sent emails with new
postings to the Forums – as well as posting your replies to
the Forum debates by simple email.

To be kept informed about all current Forum debates go to
Go to the ‘More’ menu,
Click on Mailing Lists, and you will get sent copies of all
new messages posted into the forums that you tick.

Questions, Any Answers?
HR Zone members regularly look for answers to questions by
posting them in our Any Answers section at

Some questions from this week:

Lynn Fullerton
Lynn is looking for pre and post programme questionnaires for SVQs

Helen has a requirement to develop an interesting, engaging and
focused writing style


And Finally… that sinking feeling

A young executive was leaving the office late one evening when he
found the MD standing in front of a shredder with a piece of paper
in his hand.

Listen, said the MD, this is a very sensitive and important
document here, and my PA has gone for the night. Can you make this
thing work?

Certainly, said the young executive. He turned the machine on,
inserted the paper, and pressed the start button.

Excellent, excellent! said the CEO as his paper disappeared inside
the machine. I just need the one copy.


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