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HR Briefing #67 – Influencing people, equal pay, uninspiring managers


HR Briefing Issue 67 13th December 2001

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RESOURCES: Comprehensive resources on influence in the workplace
NEWS UPDATE: Equal pay, managers ‘not inspiring’, UK’s best boss
CAREER ZONE: Coaching and e-learning
ANY ANSWERS: How do you deal with abuse of sick leave?
REVIEWS: Stress management, knowledge management, teams


You haven’t done any shopping, in the office people are arguing
about leave and cover for Christmas, and now you have to judge
how much your co-workers can (or should) drink in three hours…
It’s time for the office Christmas party. Well, we wish everyone
the best, and we’re not saying ‘humbug’, but we are providing
some advice on HR responsibilities that will help this festive
firework go off without incident.

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A library of practical resources for your immediate use is at

Influence in the workplace
Dr Richard Hale has produced a collection of resources on every
aspect of influence in the workplace. They include:

Assertiveness and influence: Explores a range of behaviours and
their consequences, explains the techniques of assertion,
considers modes of confrontation and saying ‘no’ effectively,
and advises on managing anger and emotion.

Influence through listening, questioning and understanding:
uncovers types and tactics of questioning, gives practical advice
on listening and the way it reveals core values, shows you how to
hone your influencing process and develop empathy, offers a map
for working towards a joint vision of outcomes, and more.

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All the latest breaking news affecting HR professionals is at

Search for Britain’s best boss
Parents at Work and Lloyds TSB have given their annual awards to
organisations for achieving work/life balance. Now they’re
looking for the best individual manager. Any takers?

Ending the gender pay gap
The government comes up with some new approaches to promoting
fair pay for women.

Managers are uninspiring
A Demos survey says that senior managers are seen as
‘knowledgeable and ambitious’, but on the whole they don’t
inspire. But there are some more encouraging findings as well…

Dignity at Work bill – expert view
The Dignity at Work bill is meant to stop harassment and bullying
in the workplace, but our experts think it could get in the way
of fair examination of grievances and incidents. Find out how at

NTA Special Awards
The National Training Awards have picked out 49 organisations and
individuals for special awards. Find out who has been recognised
for exceptional good practice and achievement.

ILAs shut down, but won’t shut up
Training providers lobby parliament to protest at the way
mismanagement of the scheme has let down them and their clients,
and in some cases severely damaged their businesses.
And it emerges that some providers warned administrators about
potential fraud right at the start.

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Find a Coach
Use our directory to find a coach, you can search by topic and
subject. Then make your own arrangements with them for future

With guidance on strategy, learning design and development, and
technology, E-learningZone will help you make the difficult
choices about training.

Recruitment Centre
Our Recruitment Centre offers a simple and direct solution for
recruiters, reaching an established network of B2B communities.
Media information and everything else you need is here.

Calculating a Return on Investment from your training is a phrase
guaranteed to frighten most of those involved in delivering or
organising training in the workplace, but it needn’t be the case.
With the detailed guidance of evaluation expert Paul Kearns
available in TrainingZONE’s new EvaluationZone, you can learn to
assess, analyse and present accurate information about how
training is contributing to the bottom line in your organisation.
For more details, see


Any Answers

Put your questions to the HR experts – your fellow HRZone
members! Some of this week’s queries were:

– How do SMEs strategically plan their training? asks Mike Bolton

– What can I use as competency assessments for admin/clerical
staff? asks Ceri-Anne Bailey

– How do you deal with an employee who abuses sick leave? asks


Can you offer the benefit of your experience? Last week Neil
Rankin, Ian Johns and Bill Chadwick provided answers to
members’ enquiries. If you can help, go to

Some of your fellow members have been poring over the latest HR
publications, so you don’t have to. This week our intrepid
reviewers have:
– been impressed by a detailed stress management toolkit
– been underwhelmed by a guide to teams
– reconsidered their view of training and development
– and found their way around Knowledge Management

Find out what they had to say at

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