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HR Software Show news: Crunch more numbers with People Analytics, says COA


COA – the software company previously known as CedarOpenAccounts – has also rebranded and relaunched its HR Analyser product as COA People Analytics.

People Analytics is able to deliver 150 different HR measures and key performance indicators (KPIs), the company said. These include absenteeism levels, headcount analysis, training requirements and attainment and so on.

What sets the product apart is its ability to blend information drawn from the financial management and payroll/HR systems for deeper analysis, the company added. For the new edition, the developer has introduced an Impact Measures module that helps the user draw information from other parts of the organisation and integrate it with people measures.

In a talk on how technology can aid organisational success, COA’s Chris Hands explained that successful HR professionals take ownership of people performance.

“That means operational reporting – who’s off sick, whose appraisals are yet to be done? Who’s been appraised but still needs to be trained?

“Often HR people are asked to come up with a plan and they’re very good at producing discussion documents. But what CEOs want are hard numbers and metrics. People do it on spreadsheets or the back of fag packets, but you can start to bring technology to bear to make it more do-able.”

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Patersons plans moves into eLearning
Web-based HR & payroll services provider Patersons is planning to add elearning capabilities to its online offerings. John Stokdyk reports.

The company recently recruited a global training manager, Richard Wright, who has been given the task of creating a formal training infrastructure to cater both for internal staff and external clients.

According to Wright, the company’s technical director John Hollis is masterminding the architecture and programs that will make it possible to deliver process and technical training alongside the company’s online applications.

Typically customers need more help with training in HR and payroll processes, while the internal training need is more for technical information on the software tools and applications.

“We’re a global organisation, so elearning makes sense,” said Wright. “If you’ve got a 2-hour session you need to deliver to people in Europe and Asia, it makes no sense to go around performing it.

The Paterson programs are browser-based, and each user gets to see the modules for which their company pays and for which they have password access. “All the elearning we develop will sit alongside,” said Wright.

Designing its own system will give Patersons total control and do “exactly what we want”, Wright added.

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Snowdrop retains its identity within Sage
In spite of being under new ownership, there will be no visible signs of change at Snowdrop, which was acquired by accounting and payroll software giant Sage in May.

What you will be able to see at the HRSS event on 21-22 June, however, are rebranded Spring online applications for handling employee benefits and recruitment, said Snowdrop’s Rosie Heptonstall.

“Some may know our recruitment module as ORS, but we have ehanced it and renamed it Springonline this year,” she said.

Demand for online recruitment is tools is particularly intense, she continued. “To be competitive, a lot of companies need to be able to recruit online. In organisations that have high turnover – especially hotels – can pick up people much more quickly and more cheaply. Online is a much better medium than print and you don’t get hit with the same advertising costs.”

Springonline lets you publish vacancies on to the web and then collect applications into a secure holding area before processing them within the Spring recruitment suite. The user’s website can be branded to match their corporte identity and the user has full control over the material published.

As well as increasing the speed and responsiveness of recuritment, Spring can track the costs associated with recruitment to help organisations target the areas of greatest need.

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