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HR Tip: Different jobs, different contracts?


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Q: We took on a part-time worker some time ago. He was so good that two other departments have given him work, but each of a different nature. Our problem is, does he require one or three employment contracts?

A: It really does not matter. If he is likely to stay with you on this pattern of work for a long time, then it would seem preferable to give him one contract.

You would need to make it clear if different terms and conditions applied to different types of work. However, if the type and amount of work he does is likely to vary it would seem more sensible to give three different contracts so that withdrawing one element of work would not upset the rest.

Be aware however, that as far as the law goes, it is one employment. He therefore must be given sufficient breaks and not work more than 48 hours per week in total in order to comply with the Working Time Regulations. Any service related rights and benefits would be calculated on his service with the company as a whole and not with individual departments.

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