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HR tip: Employee refuses contract


Learn HR is a leader in the provision of HR and payroll training and nationally-recognised professional qualifications, and is experienced in advising on common HR and payroll problems. A wide selection of tips and guidance can be seen below. recommends that any tips are taken as a starting point for guidance only. This week, can an employee refuse to accept the statements of terms and conditions?

Employee refuses contract
We give out statements of terms and conditions of employment to everyone after four weeks of employment. One employee has refused to accept his statement as he says he does not wish to be tied down by management. How do we stand?

The law requires you to issue the statement but it is not an agenda for bargaining. The document sets out the terms and conditions under which the employee is tied down if he wishes to see it like that! Offer it again but, if the employee refuses to accept it, tell him that it will be put into his personnel file where he may collect it at any time. Mark the statement accordingly. You will then have met your obligation in law. However I suggest that you ask the employee if there is something that is bothering him. If he responds positively, you can deal with the problem appropriately. If he does not, make clear to him that the contents of the document are in fact the terms and conditions under which he works for you.

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