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HR Tip: Job share contract


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Q: “We have agreed to allow two of our employees to work part-time on a job-share arrangement. We feel we should set out the arrangement in a contract. What should we include?”

A: Each employee must be given a contract or statement that meets the requirements of the Employment Rights Act. In addition you may like to include:

  • The hours each will work.
  • The time they will overlap to hand over.
  • What they must do during the overlap.
  • How they will communicate with each other
  • How the employer will communicate with them.
  • The extent to which they will cover for each other's absence through sickness or holiday.
  • What will happen if one of them leaves, for example will you give the other opportunity to go full time
  • How you will organise training.
  • Exactly what each will be required to do, for example will different responsibilities be allocated to each person?

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