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HR tip: Monitoring bullying in the workplace


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Question: "How can we be sure that there is no bullying in our workplace? We cannot watch everyone all the time."

HR Tip:
No, but it is not at all difficult to monitor the situation. Of course you need to have in place a policy about bullying and a rule making it a disciplinary offence. And you need to train people by explaining to them what constitutes workplace bullying and what to do if they become victims.

First, look out for incidents of bullying and deal with them immediately. Second, deal promptly and competently with any complaints from employees. And third, ask individuals from time to time, say in individual performance meetings, if they are having any problems with work, anybody giving them any grief and, if there is any hesitation in their answer, encourage them to talk to you about it. In many cases, you can cure bullies just by having a word in their ear, though you must be prepared to use your disciplinary procedure when appropriate.

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