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HR Zone Briefing #198 – MEP wants women in business back in the kitchen


HR Briefing Issue 198
22 July 2004

1. MEP wants women in business back in the kitchen
2. HR Tip – Companion at discipline hearing
3. Case Study: Royal Mail’s Home Computer Initiative
4. Any Answers – TUPE, maternity leave and HR Charter
5. Document Detail – Integrated HR Outsourcing by PA Consulting

Editor’s note
UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom succeeded in catapulting the issue of
discrimination into the limelight, giving HR managers an ideal
opportunity to champion their role in dealing with these
sensitive issues.

Bloom’s warning advised small businesses against employing women
of child-bearing age.

What are your views on maternity issues and women’s career
opportunities within smaller businesses? Have you ever
encountered similar opinions from other directors and managers?
And if so, how did you deal with the situation?

Share your thoughts with the community using the ‘Post a
Comment’ button at the bottom of the article.


Dawn-Marie Dart
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News and Features

A selection of newsworthy items from the site this week:

MEP wants women in business back in the kitchen
Having been appointed to the European Parliament’s women’s
rights committee on Tuesday, Bloom said he intended to use his
position to promote men’s rights.

Case Study: Royal Mail’s Home Computer Initiative
“Getting more computers into the homes of our employees has to
be good for them and for the business.” Tony McCarthy, Group
Human Resources Director, Royal Mail.

Disability discrimination: caution for SMEs
The DDA 1995 will shortly apply to all employers, this ruling
has come as a wake up call to all companies.

Feature article: “Without Prejudice” – An Empty Phrase?
Emma Burrows, employment law specialist at Trowers & Hamlins
Solicitors, takes a look at employment relationships.

HR Tip – Companion at discipline hearing
We have arranged a formal disciplinary hearing for an employee
whose timekeeping has been particularly bad.

Apprenticeships help you retain motivated people to help
your business stay ahead. To find out how they can deliver
the training you need for all your staff aged under 25,
call 0800 150 400 for an information pack or visit

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Accounting for People Seminar – Manchester
Last month’s seminar in London was a huge success.
Don’t miss out – book your place for Manchester – July 23rd
2004. The event, held by Water for Fish, the people and
organisation consulting firm and Denise Kinsmill, former head of
the Accounting for People Task Force is one not to be missed.
For further information and to book your place click here:


Any Answers is the place to go to share your professional
experiences with others. A selection of new Any Answers
questions posted this week:

* Hr Zone members can now view all of the HR Charter articles in
our new HR Charter page…

* Manjula Nithiananthan wants to know if an employee on
maternity leave can choose to attend training?

* Nick Lewis asks “When the HR Manager lets you down, who do you
go to?”

* Marie Martin “Does anyone have a brief guide to undertaking
TUPE step by step?”

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Integrated HR Outsourcing by PA Consulting
BPO is the outsourcing of a function or integrated group of
processes to an external partner. Typically the contract combines
systems, end-to-end processes, employees and infrastructure.

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Joe Vallender

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