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HR Zone Briefing #249 – Matching software with HR objectives


HR Briefing Issue 249
9 June 2005

1. How to: Select & implement HRM systems
2. How systems can support your HR objectives
3. Calculating the true cost of HR Software
4. HR and payroll – a tug of war?
5. Any Answers: Implementing integrated solutions, pay dilemmas

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Metric Conversion from Oracle

21 reasons to choose Chris21 from Frontier Software

Editor’s note
May witnessed the end of Luddite payroll practices when an
estimated 11,000 UK companies with more than 250 employees filed
their year-end returns electronically with the Inland Revenue.

But the move has been far from smooth with difficulties
including question marks over the performance of the PAYE Online

So if you’re still swimming in the software abyss and want to
get it right then scroll below for handy tips and advice

* how to select the right system

* match your software to HR objectives

* and calculate the return on your investment


Annie Hayes
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Tips and Expert Guidance:
Guide to payroll software and providers
If it gets the job done, there is usually little reason to
change your payroll system.

Get the most out of your visit to HR Software
HR practitioners heading to June’s CIPD annual HR Software Show
will be looking for practical technology-based solutions; read
on to see top tips on how to make the most of your visit.

Improving effectiveness using HR IT
Sally Mason, HR Director, Reward, Compass Group UK explains how
implementing an HR system significantly improved vital processes
and made a profound difference to business effectiveness.

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Pret-a-Manger Finds The Right HR Software with Snowdrop
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Metric Conversion from Oracle
It is a rare organisation that would disagree in public at
least, with the old chestnut “our people are our greatest-
asset”. Why is it, then, that relatively few employers actually
measure the value of that supremely important asset? This
conundrum has long been puzzling exponents of human capital
management (HCM).

SIMPLY – The solution for People Management Facts
Whether you want to achieve advanced Human Capital Management,
e-enable HR, achieve immediate benefits from better Management
Information (by integrating HR and Payroll) or resolve the
duplication or quality issues with your data by achieving one
version of the truth, you can start SIMPLY with Oracle and our

21 reasons to choose Chris21 from Frontier Software
chris 21 was designed from the very outset as a ‘user-driven’
product. It completes the picture within payroll and HR
management for many a business, thanks to its functionality,
extensive capabilities and remarkable user-friendliness.
Frontier Software celebrates 21 years of providing a fully
integrated HR and Payroll software solution worldwide.
With 21 reasons to choose chris21.

Selecting the right system
How to: Select & implement HRM systems
Is functionality the only area of focus that needs to be
considered or should you take a more multi-thread approach?
Where do you start?

How systems can support your HR objectives
Navigating your way through the fog can be testing; Nigel Holt,
Nestle UK GLOBE’s Integration Manager recounts his experiences
of steering a path through the systems abyss.

Calculating the true cost of HR Software
Calculating the true cost of your investment in HR software can
help you define a business case that stands up to scrutiny and
wins executive endorsement smoothly.

Opinions and Case Studies
Opinion: Strategic flaws undermine PAYE online
Ian Wheelan of eePIC surveys the electronic chaos surrounding
the introduction of online filing for PAYE year-end returns and
questions whether the rush to e-government is delivering the
promised benefits of quicker and cheaper processing.

Case Study: Coventry City Council – Out To Tender
Chris Burrows, E-HR Manager Coventry City Council rides the e-
rollercoaster of HR and Payroll solutions selection and explains
the considerations and drivers behind the move.

HR and payroll – a tug of war?
Relations between payroll and HR is strained at times. Zoe
Cacanas of paymagazine finds out why and how amends can be made.

Any Answers
See the latest software and payroll q&a here:

What is the best way of implementing an integrated HR & Payroll
Solution? Nadine Maggi:

Overseas disturbance allowance – what’s the going rate?

See the latest on the debate surrounding an unfortunate mix up
over contractual hours and pay:

Read all the latest questions and add your own at:

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