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HR Zone Healthcare Supplement – Why PMI is the Top Benefit


Healthcare Supplement
25 May 2005

1. Corporate Manslaughter – an end to getting away with murder?
2. Q&A: HRZone talks ‘healthcare’ with BUPA
3. What’s the cost of mis-management?
4. Legal round-up: Healthy and Safety obligations explained
5. Any Answers: haemophilia, drug policies, stress management

Editor’s note
Healthcare together with additional holiday has overtaken
company cars as the most popular employee benefit; something HR
practitioners cannot afford to ignore in a tight labour market.

With this in mind we’re delighted to bring you HRZone’s special
healthcare supplement, focusing on the latest issues, compliance
obligations, trends and challenges and don’t miss out on our
exclusive interview with Ann Greenwood, Director of Business
Markets at BUPA who explained what part healthcare plays in
reward packages.


Annie Hayes

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Trends and challenges:

The ‘neurosis’ affliction
Carl Laidler looks at Britain’s obsession with wellbeing and the
steady creep towards US style workplace health screening.

Performing under pressure – New ways of managing stress
Neil Shah from the Stress Management Society offers his advice
on how to manage an age old problem.

Corporate Manslaughter – an end to getting away with murder?
Leo Martin, director and founder of the GoodCorporation looks at
whether proposed Corporate Manslaughter legislation will
effectively hold companies to account for the safety of workers
and members of the public.

Document Downloads:

Are your employees abroad covered?
Whatever business you’re in, safeguarding your employees’
health makes good sense. If you have staff based overseas, you
need to know that they and their families can get access to the
support and medical care they need. All you need to qualify is a
minimum of three expatriate employees. Click here.

Managing absence, employee stress or their wellbeing at work
Any issue contributing to staff sickness will always result in
your business experiencing at least one significant symptom –
the impact on your bottom line. So what are the signs to watch
out for and what is the right action to take?

The company health solution where everyone feels better
The problem: As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to
look after your employees and help ensure that they do not
become ill, either physically or mentally, through work related
stress. Stress leads to poor performance, is one of the biggest
causes of sickness absence, increases staff turnover and is
ultimately detrimental to your business.
The solution: The WorkWell plan from HSA not only helps to
manage stress, but also helps to:
* Pay for obligatory eye tests
* Keep employees healthy and productive
* Improve staff recruitment and retention Provide valuable
* healthcare benefits. click here:

Is illness & stress taking your company into the red?
HSE guidelines emphasise an employers’ duty of care to employees
to minimise the effect of stress in the workplace.”
From 85p a week per employee an LHF Employee Well-being plan,
from LHF, part of HSA Group can provide a healthcare solution to
suit both your company and your employees. We’ll also manage the
scheme for you.

Stress and ill health can drain a fortune from your business.
Sickness absence costs an average of GBP 567 per employee per
year. The HealthSure cure costs 1 pound a week. HealthSure One
policies provide cost-effective employee cover and are viable to
introduce across the whole workforce to protect the health of
your staff and business.


Q&A: HRZone talks ‘healthcare’ with BUPA
Ann Greenwood, Director of Business Markets at healthcare giant
BUPA talked to Annie Hayes about the smorgasbord of healthcare
options available and explained the reasons behind the rise of
private medical insurance as the number one employee benefit.

Vox Pop: Is prevention really better than cure?
We asked several spokespeople including Timothy Walker, director
general of the health and safety executive their views on
whether prevention really is better than cure.

Opinion: Presenteeism and stress – the new epidemic?
How can employers satisfy the conflicting demands for control of
sickness absence and the requirements to reduce stress in the

Open all hours: The working impact
The liberalisation of licensing and gambling laws come into
force this November and will inevitably impact on the workplace
as employees are lured to stay out longer and party harder.

The reward debate:

Do healthcare benefits really boost the bottom line?
Sandra Beale, HR Consultant, Mark Burch, head of reward and
performance at the Crown Prosecution Service and Janis Bowen,
health and wellbeing manager at KPMG present their views.

What’s the cost of mis-management?
HSA spells out the costs of taking your eye off the managerial
ball in terms of punishments, penalties and profit loss.

Health and Safety myths revealed
Bosses across the country are unintentionally flouting basic
laws designed to keep employees safe and well at work due to
commonly held misconceptions over their safety responsibilities.

Compliance/best practice:

Legal round-up: healthy and safety obligations explained
Alison Wallace, head of employment practice at Steptoe & Johnson
solicitors presents a quick reference guide to the key health
and safety obligations of employers.

Applying ergonomics to improve health
Margaret Hanson, Principal Ergonomist with Hu-Tech Ergonomics
looks at how to adjust the workplace environment to keep
musculoskeletal disorders and stress at bay.

Getting healthy: how to raise the call to action
A busy lifestyle, incorporating long working hours and a hectic
family or social life is no longer an excuse for choosing a more
sedentary lifestyle.


Any Answers is the place to go to share your professional
experiences with others. See the latest healthcare q&a here:

Kathryn Aldred: Does anyone have any experience or tips on how
to handle workers with haemophilia?

See members’ views on what to include in a drug policy:

Does anyone have any effective measurements in place to identify
stress in the work place? Asks Rachel May.

Read all the latest questions and add your own:

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