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HR Zone Members Newswire #127 Cancelling Time Off for Religious Attendance


HR Zone Members Newswire Issue 127
29 November 2005

1. News in Brief: The week in HR – It’s s’no’w fun for workers
2. The Couch?! Takes a shower
3. What’s the answer? Seasonal excesses
4. Any Answers answered: Repatriation payments, illness & hiring
5. Any Answers: job titles and job ads, annualised hours

Editor’s note
Waheed Rehman was refused time off work to make his annual
pilgrimage to Saudia Arabia. His employer cited staff shortages
as the reason but inconsistent and more favourable treatment
towards other requests has led Waheed to resign from his role.
So does he have a case for constructive unfair dismissal? Tim
Douglas and Keith Luxon provide their thoughts but we’d like to
hear from you – simply post your comments at:


Annie Hayes MCIPD
mailto:[email protected]

Muddling from one short-term success or failure to another?
Increased pressure from the board and shareholders has resulted
in the emergence of a new management style. Quick, responsive
and ultimately geared to delivering short-term goals, Executives
Online have dubbed this approach Now Management.
Now Management is a fact of life, but if not deployed within the
context of a long term business vision then companies will
muddle from one success or failure to another. Free report …

Any Answers Answered
Catch up on the latest answers supplied by members at ‘Any
Answers’ and reflect on the issues at hand:

Repatriation payments
Members offer their view on whether a repatriation payment is
payable to an employee who is returning to the UK but has
recently resigned.

Nursery day release
Nik Kellingley
Of the National Day Nurseries Association offers his assistance
on how to manage a day release programme for nursery workers.

Taking on an employee with ill-health
Keith Luxon
Offers some advice to Wendy Acton on the considerations of
recruiting an individual with MS.

Saba – Do more with less!
How could a financial services organisation with 16,000
employees nearly double their amount of training days without
increasing any cost and simultaneously improve customer loyalty
and enhance their processes for regulatory compliance?!? Read

Share your views
Catch-up with the latest questions being asked by the community
and add your answers at:

Add to the legal debate on the use of ‘junior’ and ‘senior’ in
recruitment adverts.

Elaine Stott is looking for a written agreement covering
annualised hours. Can you help?

Do you have any best practice maternity policies you can share
with Claire Martin?

Read all the latest questions and add your own:

Members’ corner
What’s the answer? Seasonal excesses
Jenny Hart gets expert advice this week on how to manage
employment law problems associated with seasonal excesses.

News in Brief: The week in HR – It’s s’no’w fun for workers
A week in HR: apprenticeship figures exceed target, UK lags
Europe in ‘engagement’ stakes, Scrooge traits rub off on the big
boys plus why it’s s’no’w fun for workers.

The Couch?! Takes a shower
The Couch?! presents its top ten brain-enhancing shower tunes –
so delve deep into your creative reservoir and get crooning.

Welcome new members
This week, HR Zone welcomes members from the following
organisations, among others, to the site:

Best Practice Network; Clarkslegal LLP; Norton Rose; Swindon
Borough Council; Unilever; Battersea Dogs Home; Penna plc; RBS
Insurance; Essex County Council; Dyson Ltd; NYK Logistics(UK)
Consumer and Retail Ltd; Greene King; Bowater Home Improvements
Limited; Weetabix Limited; Greater London Authority; Norwich
Union; National Air Services; RNID; St. Francis Hospice.

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Annie Hayes


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