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HR Zone Members Newswire #61 – Editor’s Comment: ‘Compensation culture’ – fact or fiction?


HR Zone Members Newswire Issue 61
17 August 2004

1. Editor’s Comment: ‘Compensation culture’ – fact or fiction?
2. Making a business case for HR
3. Bosses make employment law blunders
4. HR Tip – Disciplinary records
5. Termination due to ill health – members’ experiences

Editor’s note
We are delighted to launch a new feature series: Editor’s
Comment. Every week we will look at a different HR topic or
issue. Last Friday we examined claims that Britain has a
‘compensation culture’. With latest statistics from the
Employment Tribunals Service showing that the number of Tribunals
rose by 17 per cent last year the facts would seem to speak for
themselves. Of particular concern is the rise in sex
discrimination claims. See our feature and reflect on the issues
at hand.

Introducing our New Editor! I am delighted to be the new Editor
of HRZone and thank you to all those that have welcomed me so
far. I’m very much looking forward to facilitating this very
active community, building on the excellent service we have in
place and helping to take HRZone through to its next stage of


Annie Ward
mailto:[email protected]

Healthy employee… healthy company
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Member’s news

Welcome new members
This week, HR Zone welcomes members from the following
organisations, among others, to the site:

CIPD, Business Link Solutions; Henley Management College,
Northcliffe Newspapers; Fuji Photo Film UK Limited; Spark
Communications; Amalgamated Construction; Oasis Healthcare Plc;
Hammonds; Jones Lang Lasalle; Aldwyck Housing Association;
Grimsby College; Sage UK; Staffordshire Highways; McDonalds
Restaurants Ltd; BMC Software; ADP Employer services; Deloitte;
Polaris Software Lab; Oriel Leisure Ltd; Crafts Council;
Cambridgeshire County Council; Towry Law Group; Aventis; BITC;
RAC; The Cabinet Office

Editor’s Comment: ‘Compensation culture’ – fact or fiction?
HRZone examines the reasons behind soaring sex discrimination

Making a business case for HR
Tim Bradley looks at the reasons why HR is so often pushed to the
bottom of the corporate agenda and the value it can bring to

Ethical employment policies only scratch the service
Employers are yet to be convinced of the tangible benefits of
ethical employment policies although many use corporate social
responsibility (CSR) activities as a PR exercise; according to
latest findings from IRS Employment Review.

Cowboys give coaching a bad name
A new survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and
Development (CIPD) claims that cowboy operators are giving
coaching services a bad name.

Bosses make employment law blunders
Employers are making basic employment law errors, according to a
survey by Croner Consulting.

HR Tip – Disciplinary records
How can I make accurate notes during a disciplinary hearing? If
I am writing I cannot also listen. Can you offer some advice?

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Featured Any Answers question: Termination due to ill health
Q: We have an employee who is on long-term sick and is due to
retire in six months time. The work that they were doing was very
physical. They have a shoulder problem and there is no other job
available at the moment that could be classed as light duties.
Are we within our rights to dismiss based on capabilities?

Valerie Locke

Members’ responses

(Edited comments appear – see the site for full details)

I am handling a case for a client that will involve a claim under
their permanent health insurance (PHI) policy. This insures them
for staff on long term sick leave. Does your company have a PHI

Paul Strange


As the employee is so close to retirement, could they not be
offered the chance to retire early instead of being dismissed?

Neil Tonks


Read the full responses to this question – and add your own – at

Anthony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within
If you do today exactly what you did yesterday then you can
expect tomorrow to be as disappointing as today was or maybe you
could change your life forever. See Anthony Robbins live. Click
here for a special offer for HR Zone members

Any Answers
Any Answers is the place to go to share your professional
experiences with others. A selection of new Any Answers
questions posted this week:

Louise Polednik looks for advice on implementing attraction and
retention strategies in her business, with particular
consideration to supporting women in senior management and
partnership roles. Find out more at:

Suzanne Hamilton seeks advice on staff entertainment policies –
get further details at:

Holiday pay: Jack Purvis reflects on the case of Canada Life v
Gray – should workers who don’t claim holiday pay during
employment be able to claim some time after the employment
finishes? See the full case notes at:

Stress policies – Vanessa Petrie looks to introduce a stress
policy. Can you offer any advice on issues including how to
handle long term sick leave?

Access the full list of questions – and add your own – at:

Any Answers answered
Q – An employee has been given her third sick note (each for 1
week). She has now asked to come into work if she feels well
enough at the end of the week, is this ok? She will technically
be signed off until Friday?

Anna Pearson

A – If you allow someone to work whilst they are signed off you
could have serious insurance issues should they have an accident
during this period. For added protection we also have a rule
that people are not allowed to return to work without being
signed fit to return to work by a doctor for absences over 20
days in any one period of absence.

Iain Young

A – Employees can not return to work whilst covered by a sick
note unless they have a signed note from their GP.

Laura Makin

If you have a question – or can offer an answer – go to

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