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HRD 2009: Web 2.0 critical to HR’s innovation agenda


Web 2.0 technology forms one of the critical agendas for HR going forward, an expert has said.

Addressing delegates at the HRD conference in London this week, Professor Graeme Martin, who was involved in the recent research report on Web 2.0 and HR for the CIPD, said that Web 2.0 promises to offer what other forms of technology can’t offer to HR.

“HR has not really addressed the innovation agenda, that is the ability to add value and not be left behind,” he said. “Web 2.0 technology is able to add value as it enables collaboration, knowledge creation and sharing, as well as more effective engagement and enablement of an employee voice.”

Martin added that Web 2.0 also connects with Generation Y and ‘V-Gen’ (the ‘virtual’ generation).

Also speaking at the seminar, Graham White, director of HR at Westminster City Council, commented: “HR and technology are coming of age at the same time. Yet there is a real concern about the future of HR and where it is going. Technology enables us to discover a different way of doing HR.” He added that implementing Web 2.0 technology at the council had “turned us back into the powerhouse that we used to be”.

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