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In-house HR role lures half of recruiters


Over half of recruiters would move to an in-house HR role.

This is according to a new survey of 1,200 respondents by Perriam & Everett, which recruits recruiters, headhunters and in house recruiters world-wide.

Over a third felt that their current role and firm had not been accurately described; whilst 33% were not satisfied with the level of training they received and almost half felt that they needed to develop business development skills.

Aisling Tighe, managing director of Perriam & Everett, said: “There is some good news – induction programmes seem to be much more formal than in previous similar surveys we have undertaken and on boarding in general is much better. In previous years many recruiters have felt that after a ‘big sell’, they were left to sink or swim.

“However it’s important to remember that one of the main reasons recruiters join (and therefore leave) an organisation is the calibre of management, and companies should therefore be investing in management development programmes to ensure that they not only keep their high performers – but attract other people’s.”

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Annie Hayes


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