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Job weighing heavily for UK workers


Half of the UK’s workforce has gained weight in their current job, recent research has revealed.

A study into the eating habits of workers, by, has shown a slight difference in terms of gender, with 53 per cent of females and 47 per cent of males admitting to putting on weight whilst in their current job.

Further findings revealed potential reasons for this weight gain. It found that 38 per cent of those surveyed eat out for lunch at least once a week, and one in 10 eat out five times a week. What’s more, some don’t even make it out of the building, with 10 per cent eating their lunch from the office vending machine at least once a week.

“More than one in 10 UK workers say they have gained over one and a half stone in their current jobs,” said Michael Farry, director of HR for CareerBuilder in Europe.

“Between hectic schedules and the temptations of office treats, it’s often difficult to make good decisions about food when you’re at work. However, taking the time in the evenings or mornings before work to pack your own lunch and snacks can help keep you on a healthy track and control what you’re eating and how much of it.”

When it comes to snacking, the report showed that 43 per cent of workers indulge in more unhealthy snacks at work than at home, with 65 per cent snacking at least once a day.

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