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Law Society faces discrimination claim at tribunal


The Law Society is expected to face allegations of race and sex discrimination at an employment tribunal in Watford, which is expected to last for up to four weeks.

Former top Law Society official, Kamlesh Bahl, left her job as vice-president of the society after an inquiry upheld bullying allegations after she had attempted changes within the society.

Ms Bahl was set to become the societies first female, and black, leader of the Law Society, which acts as the governing body for 80,000 solicitors in England and Wales.

The case is so far believed to have cost the Society £1m and the final bill for legal representation could top £1.5 million.

One Response

  1. abuse of power ????????????????
    Why is it that when a person in a top job is found to have done something that they shouldn’t have done,they automaticly claim that they were treated unfairly?

    And when will the world accept that we cannot have racial discrimination and I mean this in a genuine way.”WE ARE ALL OF ONE RACE NOT VISITING ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE” We may have different religious beliefs and there are cultural variations but we are only ONE HUMAN RACE

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