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Learning how to develop better public services


Sir Richard Wilson, Secretary of the Cabinet and Head of the Home Civil Service, today launched a new development scheme to help public sector managers work across organisational boundaries to deliver better public services.

The Public Service Leaders Scheme is designed for middle managers in the Civil Service, National Health Service, police service and local government. It aims to help them work together to develop their leadership skills across the boundaries and to develop the confidence to tackle complex issues and provide better services for the public.

The Scheme combines practical learning and personal development. It includes:

  • action learning sessions;
  • skills workshops;
  • cross-sector case studies and simulations;
  • secondments; and
  • mentoring.

Launching the scheme today Sir Richard Wilson said, “One of the great challenges facing the public sector is the need to provide public services of increasing quality. It requires a constant effort to find new and imaginative ways of delivering these services. This in turn requires us to bring forward excellent leaders at all levels across the public sector. The scheme is about developing these future leaders and the organisations in which they work.

“The Scheme will help our best middle managers to develop both personally and professionally. They will gain a wider vision of service delivery and how it can be improved by working together with colleagues from a variety of public sector organisations.

“I am convinced that better leadership, which presents people with a clear vision of what is happening to their organisation, what lies ahead and what will be required of them, is essential for public sector reform.”

More information is available on PSLS help line:

020 7276 1593 or

or email [email protected]

Background Information

The Public Service Leaders Scheme is part of the commitment of the Civil Service Reform Programme to create stronger leadership with a clear sense of purpose throughout the Civil Service. A pilot scheme began in Autumn 2000 with the first 50 participants from across the public sector who helped to shape the scheme. People will be able to apply for the scheme from 22nd March 2001. Successful candidates will be notified in early May. The programme will begin the week of 18th June 2001.

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